Question: What is it Like Living in a Haunted House

People always ask what's it like to live in a haunted house. Many express shock when learning I live in a haunted house. Yes, in fact I grew up in a haunted house and learned to become accustomed to these events.

Well, I think when my family first moved into the house, we were extremely shocked, stunned and at times uneasy by the things we saw, heard and felt. As years past, you can sort of learn to be less shocked. Certainly you grow less afraid. However, my family was never afraid like the average family. Still, there are things that continue to surprise us. With these spirits, it is always something new shown to us.

At times it can be unnerving when you feel someone watching but no one is there. Most of times, you can think it's your imagination. However, my family doesn't really believe in only our imagination thought. If something unexplainable happened, we know it is paranormal. We are never in denial. I noticed too living in a haunted house, clashes with the belief of most pastors. I will post regarding this in another post.

I don't know, I guess living in a haunted house has been an interesting and bizarre experience. I am curious what other things will my family see for the years to come.

Almost Moved Into a Former Hospital

 Once again, my family has been drawn into another haunted house. We were recently searching for a new house in Anoka County, Minnesota. That is when we came across a house in St.Cloud.

First I would like to mention St.Cloud. It is an incredibly long drive from Columbia Heights. I saw lots of farmland and country music billboards. This sort of gave my family an idea of what sort of city St.Cloud is. It seemed like a quiet city as well.  

My mom was sort of obsessed in this house and said she had to have it. The entire family agreed upon it. 1958 was when it was built. However, I became curious about the history of the house. This is when I began searching around. There was a document stating the house was once a major hospital in the area. The house existed in 1880, earlier than 1958. Actually, 1958 was when the house undergone renovations.

My family visited the house. I immediately had a vision that people died in the house; many children and this one particular old man. When my mother and I walked around the side, we spotted a weird stone like someone was buried on the property. With our current house, this did not disturb us. It was interesting though. We both saw nurses and patients in the house during the tour. Then that question arrived. We asked the realtor about the history. For some reason he did not want to tell us. I already knew the history of the house however. I understand though. Who would want a hospital? By the way, the house didn't feel like a house. It still felt like a facility, nursing home, hospital. Death and depression was over the property. It seemed like a place to die. 

This was kind of funny and weird about the grave. I asked the realtor about it. He told me, "That's nothing." Really? That's nothing?   

After the tour, my family just left. I wanted to share this story so that this former hospital can be known