Sunday, July 15, 2018

Carpet Found In The Yard

A few years ago, I was doing some yard work in the backyard of the house, when stumbling across carpet nailed down in the ground. I thought that was strange and never have I heard of such a thing. I let my family see the carpet, and they too were confused about it. Strangely, it was the same carpet that was in the house. What could this mean?

I looked it up, and came across a pattern with missing persons murders. The victims would be wrapped up in carpet and buried in the yard of the killer's. There is no evidence that this ever happened here, but neither am I ruling it out since we don't have the history of the house nor the land. I was a bit curious and dug a little in that area. I found more carpet and pieces of old clothing and strands of hair. I did not dig anymore out of uncertainty. I knew we would have to call the police if we found a body in the yard. I never found a body, but I'm not sure what the clothing and hair is from. I do know that there is evidence our house was built possibly illegally on sacred Native American burial grounds. I studied Native American culture for years, and there is a pattern and identical connection with mounds. So this could have been it, but I'm not sure. I decided to no longer dig.

I have read four incidents in the area that happened back in the day that I wish to share. I don't have the information on hand, so it will be a bit vague. One was a woman from the 1910's who always complained to her neighbors about her family, and how she wanted to kill them. I suppose no one took her seriously. She poisoned her three daughters, and they were cared for in a room. The doctor said their death was caused by a natural illness. It wasn't until the woman tried poisoning her son and husband did people find out.

Another one was that three children were playing with a rifle in a kitchen, when it accidentally went off and shot a little girl in the head. This one happened in the same town, oddly in the same area as the house. I was thinking though, why would they allow their children to play with a loaded rifle?!

This other incident happened in the 1980's. I was curious about this one because strangely after the murders, our house became vacant and remained vacant most of the 80's. Isn't this suspicious? Anyway, I skimmed through this one because I dislike reading about molestation, but I did read the part of a guy killing young women in a house. It seems he would befriend young women, lure them at his house and murder them.

The most interesting one I found I did the most research on. That was because I learned the world's first psychopath actually was in Minneapolis. I was shocked of this discovery. Minnesota is known for witchcraft, Halloween and now the world's first known psychopath? Anyway, it happened in the 1890's I believe, where this young man would murder women for insurance. The first signs of psychopathy was when he was younger, he would find pleasure in torturing animals to death. I was thinking, he was sadistic and crazy. This usually are the first signs, warning signs. Yes, because look at Casey Anthony, she did the same thing, torturing animals at a younger age. Anyway, during his trial, it is said he showed no remorse at all for murdering the women. He was recorded to be the very first killer to show no remorse, such as the modern day killer. He was the first to have psychopathic behaviour. He was hung at the Minneapolis jail. Strangely, I read right before he was hung, he had a sadistic smirk on his face. He didn't seem to care he was about to be hung or anything. That was weird I thought. That is why I wanted to visit the Minneapolis prison to see some historical stuff, and I do remember reading it is haunted.

I remember also reading how people were executed at the Columbia Heights city hall before. That would bring ghosts as well.

So anyway, this is the stuff I wanted to share.  

Sunday, July 08, 2018


I took pictures of the Dandelions after learning a bit more about them. One thing is that they are edible, but I wouldn't eat Dandelions unless I was stranded somewhere. I wouldn't put myself in a situation like that though, but they are still edible. Anyway, there are the pictures. I wish to get back into photography like how I use to take pictures. I want to finish schooling in order to be a professional photographer. 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

New Roses

Yesterday, I was finally able to get out into the garden. I cleaned up the deck which can be tedious because the neighbor's tree drops these weird plants that everyone in our town calls 'helicopters'. They grow plants and so you have to get them off the deck and out of the yard.

The point to this post was to share one rose bush that is now budding. We planted a few rose bushes in the garden. Here's one...

They may not look like roses, but they are.

Here are some more photos of the Rose bush. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

New Photos

I was able to get into the yard recently and take some pictures. I wasn't able to take as many as I wanted, but these are the photos I took.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Putting Up Some Flags and Some Updates

I've been extra busy at work. I'm going to be busier for a few days. As a nurse, I am caring for a patient who just had back surgery. I do stuff like this everyday though. It's been difficult working as a nurse and writer with a foot injury, but I continue to work. People notice I walk with a limp. I believe it's nothing to worry about because it's temporary, just until the injury gets better. I was advised to get some rest, but I can't help but to work all night. 

Due to my injury, I haven't been able to get out in the garden recently. Actually, I have injuries to both feet, which makes it harder to do things. I wish to soon get back into gardening.

I've been thinking about my family's ancestry, and I wanted to add our heritage into the garden.

Recently I ordered a few things from this store I found online. I bought a Turkish flag, and my mother wants to place it either in the vehicle or in the yard.

I was thinking about flying a big Turkish flag in the yard since we do already have an American flag in the yard. It's for going back to roots. My mother and my real family, half is a Turkish-Arab admixture, then the other half is Roma-Russian/Slavic admixture. Some is also Asian Filipino. We were on debate because I was just worried about our neighbors since the town has forced people to take down any foreign flags in their yard. It's not a diverse town where I live. Still, this is supposed to be a free country, and I feel my family does have a right to put up the Turkish flag.

Anyway, I will share the other stuff I got from the store. Sorry it's not as perfect as I wished it was. These are just the first photos I took...

I bought these things for my mother, and she says it brings back memories.

So I would like to put up the flag in the yard, but I am on debate. We will share if we decided to or not.