Saturday, April 1, 2017

Proud Land no Longer for Sale

I wanted to tell everyone that my family decided not to sell the house. It was an impossible sell. Many were too afraid to step foot and to convince others to purchase the house. Even realtors were too afraid to help sell the house, have open houses, take pictures or enter the house. My family has also had a string of bad luck with realtors. For some reason, we were getting not so good realtors. They were confrontational, rude and just unprofessional. It was difficult finding a moving company who had the courage to come in the house and take the items to storage.

So due to the difficult time we had trying to sell the house, we decided to not sell it. My family did sort of out grew the house, but we do like the house. We will be happy to remain living in the house. I will just add new activity as it happens. Also, since I am a living doll, I am going to settle and try to transform my old room into a dollhouse type room. I never go in my bedroom because of the ghosts that resides there. They are territorial and doesn't like for me to enter into the bedroom. That is why I keep the door shut and never enter the room. I haven't been in my room for years. However, I will brave the spirits and only enter my room for pictures, when I have completed my living doll transformation. I cannot really go out in public too much due to the recent incidents, but I will take pictures mostly in my house or in the yard.

I just had to inform everyone that the house is no longer for sale, so people will stop calling and requesting for showings. Yes, we have had that, but everyone is too afraid to purchase the home. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Story of an Old Bitter Man

In the Christian world, people always tell you that people are unable to return to earth or make contact with the living. The reason being is that there is a division between the living and the dead. My family's everyday experiences with spirits leaves us confused and uncertain about their theory. I would like to share the story about how my mother connected with the spirit from a house we were about to purchase. It's a blue home located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I felt the man's story was worth sharing and that in some way, he wants his story to be known. Again, this spirit has no relation to Proud Land. This spirit haunts another house. My family has the gift to connect with anything or anyone at any location, without desiring to connect.

My mom claimed that something was draining her so that she can be in between sleep and awake. I notice this a lot during hauntings. It is possible spirits can put you to sleep, or put you into this sleep/awake state to communicate. That is even if you don't wish to communicate with them. She saw our family on the front porch of the house. Then she saw an old man with short white hair all of a sudden appear. He held onto her shirt and seemed to be anxious. The man was bitter and angry that his life was over. He shared with mom how all his life he wanted to achieve goals, and make something of himself, but was never able to. He could never find the time to spend his life as he desired. When the man was finally able to, he realized his life was over and it was too late. He spent the rest of his life being bitter. Still holding onto my mom's shirt, he shook her saying how she doesn't know what it's like to never get what she wants. The man also showed how he never appreciated simple things, this is a common error of mankind. They fail to take time to be grateful and appreciate the simple things in life, which can make life worth living. When I always question the purpose to living, I always listen to the soughing of the trees, I observe nature, I am grateful of peace and quietness.

The spirit's story was short, but I gathered enough that he was bitter, angry and possibly jealous. He was bitter about the limitations of his old age. Also however, it seemed almost like he didn't realize he was dead. I am not sure, but he kept saying how it's too late for him because he's old. Never did the man mention he was also dead. The man's story seemed a bit sad in a way. It's kind of depressing thinking of the thought of living life never being happy, content, and never having the time to finish goals. I asked my mom was he in hell. She said the spirit didn't seem like he walked into the light. The man stuck around to avoid going to hell. This confirms that souls are able to avoid going into the light. I have a few more stories like this that I will share soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Open House Coming Soon

The house is still available for sale. My family will soon have an open house, where everyone is welcome to see the house. All except John Savage or anyone affiliated with him. He remains banned from the house.

Anyway, the house is someone who appreciates antique homes. We had an inspection and it was deemed the most well structured houses ever seen. I researched and learned older homes are the best built and structured.

There are perennials around the yard, that comes up every year; a pear tree and two apple trees along with other fruits and vegetables. It's a variety of flowers and edibles in the garden. The house has a new roof, back stairs, deck, water heater, kitchen sink, the entire back porch redone. There are also door bells. You already know this is an older house, so don't be surprised or complain about the date. Built before 1910.

Great for those who don't mind it's haunted and it's an older house. My family recently painted most of the rooms white because many complained about the Moroccan decor and colours.

The price will be raised to 134,000$. It is now 129,900$. This is a house that I am writing the book about our experience and will blog about my family's experience as well. Will help with financing. If interested call: 763-134-900 or visit:

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Behind the Proud Land Name

Some have wondered why our family nicknamed our house Proud Land. Well maybe in a way we had a sense the house would go into historic records. In the guidelines of registration, the historic recording sites tell us to give the land a name. We named the house Proud Land way before then. Later on, we decided not to register the house. It will gain it's recognition through the blogs and my book. 

One day, our family discovered a small shed like space underneath the house outside. In the back it was painted red, white and blue. Also my family has seen many soldier ghosts in the house and in the yard. Every year, we have made it a tradition to plant the rose it was actually named after, Proud Land rose. However recent discoveries of the house having major relation to Native American culture, it more suits this theme. I think it honors the Native Americans whom were disrespected long ago by a house being built on their sacred grounds.

The picture above is the main theme and captures what truly symbolizes a militant, patriotic theme. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Children and the Paranormal

From research, it is said children are more spiritually sensitive than adults. Most of times (not all the time), children are the only to witness paranormal phenomena. I wanted to discuss the serious topic about parents never listening to their children.

Growing up and still, I was blessed with a mother who is completely different than other mothers. She has always listened to me and believed me when I tell her things. She always had my back, defended me, and included my sister and I in everything. In our family, my mother actually include us in every decision, teaching us early on how to make decisions and think for ourselves.

In typical homes, parents dismiss their children, never talk to them, never include them in anything and force the child to face the paranormal alone. My family disagreed with most parenting methods every parent chooses. I say, this is not a good parent who refused to listen to their children during paranormal events, even when the child is visibly fearful. It's not until it's too late that the parents believe them, if they ever believe them. When children claim to have imaginary friends, pay close attention to this. Make sure your child is not actually interacting with a spirit. Because of this reason, I was not allowed to have an imaginary friend. That doesn't mean I never saw things. I mostly saw and interacted with angels. Nothing else.

Most see children as someone who shouldn't be listened to, have an overly vivid imagination and is unable to understand anything. That is why most parents dismiss their claims of paranormal sightings. Just because you can't see, feel or hear it doesn't mean it doesn't exist and it's in their imagination. Experiencing the paranormal can scar you already. It doubles when everyone dismisses what you saw. For children, it can break trust and permanently damage them. It's best to have someone supporting you. Dealing with the paranormal, you don't realize how serious and dangerous it is. Everyone needs to realize ghosts and demons are real. They are not fictional. The reason why mainly children witness this is because they are more open minded and innocent (not all children). Adults mostly lose their religion, innocence and open minds to spirituality. My family live our lives completely different than the world. That is why we are more sensitive to the paranormal. However, it is true many adults can be open minded and see spirits. It's not only for children but everyone.

I will post about my experience in writing from a parent POV later. My family just thought this was an important problem between parents, children and the paranormal. I think everyone should be better parents to their children. Pay attention to your children; stop ignoring them, dismissing them and listen and believe your children. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Living in a Haunted House

Since moving from my house, I know this is the end. Therefore I wanted to share years after living in a haunted house. My family is unlike most who claim they never believed in the paranormal before the haunting. In fact, we were strong believers in ghosts from past experiences and beliefs. However never had my family ever experienced something quite like this.

Through the years, I collected a log of events that is now being converted into a book. Growing up in a haunted house has changed me forever. It is a feeling of that if I can survive hellish ghosts, then I can get through anything. I felt inspired by the song Get Thru This by Art of Dying. It also makes you see the world different than before. Even though my family always believed in the paranormal, but it still changes you forever.

It made my family more alert, aware and smarter when looking for our new home. We pay attention to things most don't. That is why I took the time to look up the history of the new house.

Although time will go on, I will never forget the house. I experienced too much to forget. It has mystery, history and many unknown stories. Soon the world will know my house and the story. I am hoping to end the book with the history of the house.

I just have to say, those who say they don't believe in ghosts and view us like crazy people, don't be quick to judge something you don't understand or never experienced yourself. I have experienced enough from one house that will last me a lifetime.

Even though it is haunted, I am in disbelief it's the end. I know this is what's best, but letting go of such a rare historic find can be hard. The story, the blog, Twitter account and legend of the house shall continue.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Proud Land for Sale

After about 15 years of living in the house, Proud Land is for sale for the price of 180,000$. The blog will continue, also the Proud Land brand continue on. I am still writing the book about my family's experience in the house, but it's just we decided to move on. We survived and endured the paranormal for years, now we shall allow the legend to continue without us living in the house. If anyone wishes to purchase the house, please follow this link and call:

The Apple and Pear tree in the back will not stay.

The house is old, built in the approximate year 1910. However some says the house was built earlier in the mid or early 1800s. No history of the house was able to be retrieved. I am still working on it.

Follow the link for more information.