Witching Hour

My family has grown quite familiar with the term, witching hour. You may also call it the Devil's Hour or Satan's Hour. Exactly, what does it mean? Well simple. The witching hour is a special time between 1a.m. and 4a.m. It is where spirits are most active. 3a.m. tends to be a favourite because they wish to mock the trinity and mock Christ. This is the time where Christ died, around the witching hour. I have noticed activity does become intense during these times. Now, my family is woken up every 3a.m. by the spirits.

That has been the true reason why spirits knock in threes, scratch in threes or do anything in threes. Also, that's the reason why many things happen in threes and so many incidents, and events occur during 1:00-4:00 rather it be a.m. or p.m. Demons mock the trinity. The number seven has some significance to demons as well. Often times they have seven different forms to mock the seven hollies.

In my house, the ghosts go indeed most active. During this time, there are rooms we cannot enter and we have to have the lights on all night. I have discovered the spirits tend to target people in the dark. So in order to get any sleep in our house, we have to turn on some lights in the room we are sleeping in. I dislike the feeling of not being able to awake from dream, being pinned down or being randomly attacked.

The spirits in our house during the witching hour does anything they can to annoy everyone. They manifest, walk around, hit and knock on things, summon more spirits and have meetings. Yes, I have actually seen and heard them having like little town meetings several times. I try to listen to what they're saying, but for some reason, you cannot make out what they're saying. This is usually demonic though. Maybe it's some strange demon language.  

Paranormal Researcher

A paranormal researcher is a person who investigates and studies paranormal phenomena. It is not limited to ghosts, but UFO, creatures, demons, angels and other unexplainable things.

I was interested in investigations and wanted to do this. I became intrigued by the findings. So, my family purchased ghost hunting equipment. Mainly, I wanted to catch evidence in my family's haunted house. My family and I began doing EVP sessions, an activity of trying to get evidence via voice recorder, ghost boxes, or with other pieces of equipment. I had very disturbing encounters during these sessions. It made me cancel my plans of investigating other places.

I still do the research, capture ghosts on camera, but I just do not communicate with ghosts anymore. I learned it wasn't good to start talking to spirits and interacting with them. Most of the time, investigators are interacting with demons. Now, I am not saying all of them are demons from my family's experiences of living in a haunted house. It's just that it can be distributing to find out if they actually weren't human you were talking to.

So, I let the investigators do all of the interaction while I just snap pictures. I think the worst encounter was when my family was invited to a ghost tour. We declined, but still the spirit made a connection. I didn't get any sleep that night. It's so scary to be pulled into a sleep and you're unable to awake from it, or even move. It feels like being in a coma, or being trapped in a dream/awake dimension or something. That is why now, I have to keep the light on in the bedroom. It seems they are attracted to the darkness or dimness.

Well, experiencing all of these things interested me to study the paranormal, to become a paranormal researcher. I just had to make sense of this myself, and I had to learn what was going on in my family's house. This researching stuff is like a family business. Through these encounters, I am quite knowledgeable on the unexplained and it made me more aware of things.

So that's what I wanted to share.